Fin de Jour

' End of day '

A formal French styled unit awaits you with an original French trellis and a fireplace for pure comfort. Personal touches with treasured items makes this an inviting space to rest and relax at the ‘end of day'.


French baroque style characterized this unit. The interior decoration is highly ornamental and a wooden fireplace – perfect for pampering.

Le Homestead

Only the best. This bedroom with its spacious bathroom has a charming hunting lodge feel with a grey palette that soothes.


Le Homestead

Be our guest. Take rest and relaxation to the next level with this . Blending classic French style and ‘African chic’  to create this inspiring sanctuary. The lounge area  is opulent, boasting velvet in deep red, ochre and midnight blue and sumptuous furniture.


Le Homestead


Rich textures, botanical colours and an opulent atmosphere of romance entice visitors to linger longer in this gorgeous suite. The inspiration was an 18th century European conservatory. Small still lifes created with elements from that era include old books, crystal lamps, classical statues and bird cages – all of which add to a sense of nostalgia.


Le Homestead


A bold mix of Industrial and Victorian. Most of the décor in this unit has been lovingly re-purposed, re-stored and re-engineered. It is a magical space and the industrial aestehetic is showcased beautifully. The bathroom & shower is classic with its metro tiles, checkerboard floor and Victorian-style bathroom fittings.

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