Festina Lente Guesthouse, which means haste slowly in Latin, is our dream come true


When we first viewed this property years ago, the dilapidated house and overgrown garden had put most potential buyers off, but we fell in love with the huge space and lovely old trees. It was only after we moved in and started clearing the garden that we soon recognized the potential for a guesthouse. Together, over a period of 12 years we painstakingly build Festina Lente through lots of blood, sweat and tears and learnt from our many mistakes. Throughout we always reminded ourselves of our mantra: to build something of exceptional beauty takes time and passion. The intention was to create a magical world, a space that is totally seductive - as if you’d fallen down the rabbit hole.


However, Henrico with his legendary and unique personal touch really personified the Festina Lente brand since opening our doors during 2010 with his warm welcome and commitment to make every guest feel special and valued. This is evident through the many positive reviews he received through-out the years.


Considering the hectic world we live in today we will continue to offer our guests a nostalgic, soulful experience of old world charm and luxury. A place you will want to visit again and again.