The Birds of Festina Lente 

The interior of Festina Lente is indeed something quite special. But this uniqueness extends to the outside as well. In order to add to a relaxing stay, we have teamed up with Dan the Bird Man (of Bird Diversity Consultants) to bring birdlife to your bed and breakfast experience.

With beautiful custom-designed feeders that blend Festina Lente’s old-world eclectic edge, with an immense knowledge of birds, our garden has been laid out with a bird buffet like no other- ensuring you will be dining with some of the most exciting birds Joburg has to offer.


If that isn’t mouth-watering enough, our resident Eagle Owls have been kitted out with new accommodation- and if you are lucky enough to visit us during spring, you may see the baby owlets popping their heads out of their penthouse in the big oak tree. 

With birdhouses, nesting logs, and weavers renovating their woven nests abound- your mornings will be filled with the calls of the Karoo Thrush, and your evenings accompanied by a chipper goodnight from the Dark-Capped Bulbul. For birders wanting a quiet retreat with our feathered friends, come and observe our cast of characters as they surround you during your stay.


For those who are new to the world of all things avifaunal, each room is kitted out with a custom bird guide for our extensive gardens to open your eyes to the incredible natural wonders around you.